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Welcome to TTE - Online exam help and tuition. We offer advice with Exam Tuition, Exam Help and How to succeed in exams. In Britain, there is a saying, 'A problem shared is a problem halved.' So you must find someone to talk to about these problems. Get help: ask a teacher or tutor about how to revise, and exam skills - how to work when you are in an exam. For more information visit Oxford and Cambridge exam board or www.exim-new-users.co.uk

Be positive: stop thinking about the future and failing. But don't be too relaxed! Some stress over exams makes you work hard for them. If you are studying in the evening, don't go straight to bed afterwards. Your mind will still be 'going round and round' - thinking too much.

Do something else, maybe walk or get exercise. Choose something that will relax you, and make you think of other things.